What’s it like being a musician nowadays? It’s not just about the music, isn’t? Or maybe it never was?

I consider a musician to be an artist, and I guess art is always changing…. so to be a musician is like trying to be flexible and open to evolution? 😊

It seems like everybody has to be their own record company, marketing department, promoter etc?

Yes I have a label, it is the easiest way… who should love and want to promote the music more than oneself? 😊 Facebook is my marketer and promoter! 😊

Punk Rock/power pop and Country music don’t look a match made in heaven. But you are not the only one who is able to make this relation work perfectly. What’s the secret?

Playing music that you love, that you believe in, that you feel is true or not phony… it is art! some people sculpt and paint! Johnny Cash was a punk, Chuck Berry dabbled in Country, it’s all related!!! 😊

How easy is it for you to tour Europe? What can we expect?

I enjoy travel and Europe very much! I have some really good friends over here (I am in Holland right now)…. 😊

You can always expect me to give you my very best show! acoustic, electric, whatever… we will always try to have the MOST fun and enjoyment possible! 😊


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