Who the hell is CLAY HOWARD? (interview)

John Borack writes in Goldmine about Who the hell is Clay Howard?: So, yeah – catch these classic-sounding classic rock sounds before they becomes classics. Or something. 
What was the biggest fun during the making of the last album?


The best part of making “Who the Hell is Clay Howard?” was being able to work with Brynn Arens, of FLIPP fame. Even though I’ve made almost 20 albums over the years, this was the first to have my name, and not the name of a band on it. SO, working with Brynn allowed me to really make these songs everything they could be. Brynn can play almost any instrument, and has great instincts as a producer and we used both of those things on this record…a lot. He also pushed me to work on my lyrics.

If we want to know you, which song do we have to listen to? And why?

That is a tough call. “Never Give It Away” was written to give my kids a positive song with inspirational lyrics, and I like to think that represents me well… but, “Biscuits Ain’t Rising,” is the most autobiographical song on “Who the Hell is Clay Howard?” since it tells the story of true incidents in my family history.

The music industry has changed a lot (or so they say). What did it bring you? And what not?

The music industry has changed- a lot. The internet has made it much easier to promote a record, as this interview clearly demonstrates. I have had good press in Australia, Hawaii, Iowa, Spai, etc…. without leaving North Carolina. The other aspect brought on by the internet, is the near-death of “sales.” People stream music now, and the pay for that is dismal. To answer your question, the changes in the music industry brought me the ability to spread my music further, and make less from it. 🙂

When (and how) did you discover you had this huge rock voice?

Just now- you let me know. 🙂
I’ve been singing for over 26 years, and when people say something like that, it still humbles me. Thank you.
She tells you she will decide on a 5-song-mixt tape if there is going to be a second date. Which 5 would you put on?

1- Voices- Cheap Trick
2- Baby’s Coming Back- Jellyfish
3- Don’t Say No- Billy Squier
4- Wouldn’t It Be Good- Nik Kershaw
5- Sing My Blues Away- Cheap Trick
(showing my age on the first 4, huh…)

6. What’s up for the next couple of months?

Let’s see…. I have recorded a follow-up record with Brynn , that we are going to release under the band name, DIG…. hopefully we can announce the details of that in the next few months.
One single is out there on youtube, watch it here
 The whole thing is a bit more “rock” than the last record, and I look forward to getting feedback on it. I also hope to announce some more live shows with my band, Clay Howard & the Silver Alerts!

For updates check the website
Check Clay’s YouTube

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