LA PANTHER HAPPENS – For The Night Crawlers (interview)

dadaism, surrealism, garage rock, soul, surf, country and western, power pop

Sweet Sweet Music talked to Jhohn Arlie about La Panther Happens’ new album For The Night Crawlers.

“In my fist I hold your cobra ah ah and a lock of your cherry cola hair.” That line from Weird to Me makes me smile and wonder all day?

… to be honest, in the same way Roky Erickson ‘s lyrics do …

Nobody Does it like Roky. I know some people who listen to his music and say something like ” Yeah, vampires, demons, aliens, … cool ” , but when I listen I experience supernatural suffering. 13th Floor Elevators were not of this earth. 

I also enjoyed the album he made with Okkervil River. My personal favorite is Good Bye Sweet Dreams. Those lyrics are simple, haunting, and profound. 

The name, the artwork, the video for Year of Tarantula … inspiration seems to come from a lot of different art forms. Does that make sense?

Yes, My head is all over the place. I draw from many influences: dadaism, surrealism, garage rock, soul, surf, country and western, power pop. I can’t imagine being in band that focuses on one style. I would feel soulless

Blonde on Blonde on my Living Stereo. What about Dylan winning the Nobel Prize? 

Congratulations to him. I know thhe award carries controversy and heavy criticism, but I say good for him and Godspeed.

She tells you she will decide on a 5-song-mix tape if there is going to be a second date. Which 5 would you put on?

I like this question ! 

1. Bob Dylan- She Belongs To Me ( I love the line he sings about her egyptian ring )

2. Gris Gris- Mademoiselle of The Morning- Greg Ashley is one of a kind. A criminally underrated songwriter. His solo records are top notch

3. Big Star- Blue Moon ( A touching song recorded during a chaotic time in Alex Chilton’s Life. I am a Big Star freak )

4. Harlan T Bobo- Stop ( Another incredible songwriter. I wish I could write songs like him ) 

5. Reigning Sound- Not Far Away ( I always want to pick up my guitar and write a song when I listen to Reigning Sound )

How did you record For the Night Crawlers?

We divided the songs into two sessions and recorded & mixed at High/Low recording in Memphis, TN. It was an honor to record with Pete Matthews and Toby Vest. 

And how will you promote it?

We are currently distributing the album digitally. We released some handmade cds and cassettes in our hometown and will be releasing the album on Vinyl through Sound Pony Records. I have been making videos with my brother, Tim Shrum. Sending out copies to radio stations and blogs. Playing live as much as we can. Just doing whatever it takes to get the music out there. 

Listen & Buy here

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