BABY SCREAM – Life’s a Trap (interview)

… it could be a good soundtrack if you u r going to make a short ride to the Liquor Store on a Sunday afternoon.

Sweet Sweet Music talked to Juan Pablo Mazzola about Life’s a Trap. Power Pop from Argentina.

Songs like ”The Ballad Of Music Biz” and “Life’s Better When U’re High” could have been big rock songs, I guess but the acoustic approach … even better. What do you think?

Well, yeah….the state of music in the year 2016, lol….

I believe it all became too “hipster”, too “shallow” and don’t have a long beard, I do listen to the records I buy… was already complicated 20 years ago, today’s already dead, the real stuff is only made by fans and for fans.

I write these songs out of pure love for music, which was my escaping tool when I was 13 and it still is.

I’m a “song” guy, so I really like acoustic songs, “Life’s Better When U’re High” was inspired by The Jayhawks.

You have your own way with words. You can recognize if a lyric is yours from a mile. How about that?

Ha, thanks for that! 
I always try to come up with stuff that sounds like me, I actually write in the same way I usually speak.

Life’s a Trap will be released on cassette. Perfect mixtape for …. ?

Probably for shooting yourself in the head, haha, no that’s just wrong, sorry for that.
Really…. if you wanna listen to Classic Power Pop stuff while drinking a beer, or maybe it could be a good soundtrack if you u r going to make a short ride to the Liquor Store on a Sunday afternoon.

Uh, well, what about mixtapes … She tells you she will decide on a 5-song-mix tape if there is going to be a second date. Which 5 would you put on?

Jellyfish – Baby’s Coming Back.

Black Sabbath – Planet Caravan.

Cheap Trick – Didn’t Know I Had It

Aerosmith – No More, No More.

John Lennon – I’m Losing You.

If she can deal with that, then that’s it, she’s the one….which is actually what happened! 

What’s up for the next couple of months? 

Probably touring Brazil, and playing a few more gigs in Argentina, then xmas, 2017…we’ll see what the future brings, maybe I can go back to Europe in March and stay there for a long while (really crossing fingers here)

How will you promote Life’s a Trap?

Kinda hard really, trying to get reviews, radio airplay, playing as much as I can….same ol’ same ol’….always so hard.

Listen & Buy here

Watch here

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