Brijitte West & The Desperate Hopefuls – From NY with Love (interview)

New York all over. Sweet Sweet Music talked to Brijitte West about From Ny with Love. Americana Punky Rock & Roll.

You have a way with words, these storytelling songs sounds like they come very natural to you. (That’s a compliment). Do they?

Hey thanks for the compliment! I do love to tell stories, I think the most engaging songs are the ones where the listener can follow a storyline and imagine a character. Once I think of an idea for a song it usually comes really easy. It sometimes feel like the song was already written somewhere in the universe and I am just the vessel to receive it. 

From NY with Love … it has that end of 70s NY sound. Was that where you were after?

Well if you look at my history it’s the sort of sound that I am known for. I don’t usually go after anything. I think it is just what I do naturally. The backing band plays that sort of style naturally as well. I am hoping with my next record I can do something different. 

I first read about your music in the Classic Rock magazine. That’s a big magazine. Are these type of reviews important?

Yes,  they are important and I am really  that a giant like Classic Rock will review a timey release like mine! 

How will you promote From NY with Love?

We dont have a huge budget so we will do as many shows as we can.

I never type your first name correctly at once 🙂 what about that?

yes I have a unique spelling!

How did you record NY with Love?

We recorded it at a studio near London called The Brook. We recorded all the drum tracks in one day! The whole album was recorded in about four days. We had to be quick because of financial restraints. I hope it doesnt sound like a rush job!!!

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