THE LEGAL MATTERS – Conrad (interview)

Beautiful melodies. BEAUTIFUL MELODIES. Beautiful vocal harmonies. BEAUTIFUL VOCAL HARMONIES. Like The Beatles, like Crosby, Stills & Nash.

Sweet Sweet Music talked to Andy, Chris and Keith.

Short Term Memory is my favorite. Is it a political song or is it a description of what you feel if you walk down memory lane?


Andy: Its mainly about how forgettable things can be these days. A lot of music and film are very dumbed down to be as simple as it possible can. Then I was thinking about his great it would’ve been to be around in the 60s and 70s. So many great bands back then. I do think there is an insane amount of great music today, it’s just not what you hear on the radio. So I guess, in a way, it’s an anti-pop culture song.

She is talking more birds less bees. That’s a wonderful line. Do they make you happy if they pop up? Or don’t they pop up? More labour of love?

Chris: Well, we certainly wouldn’t be anywhere without the birds and bees. They do indeed make us happy when they appear. The idea behind this song had more to do with the fear of the unknown in regards to the furthering a relationship knowing well that true concerns lie in waiting.

The harmony vocals are great. How did you record them?

Andy – We approach the harmonies as an instrument itself. The lead vocal always get laid down first. Then we discuss the areas we feel that background vocals will fit best. Then we try a few things one voice at a time. It’s almost like a puzzle that we are putting together.


Will Conrad become what Eddie is for Iron Maiden?


Chris- we love that! Conrad has really taken off – we love him and he really seems to be connecting with people everywhere. We may need to consider creating a 50ft Conrad to stand behind us on the stage while we perform. Grand idea!

How will you promote Conrad?

Keith: We have the amazing “Omnivore Recordings” with us on this one, so we will do anything we can to help them bring “Conrad” to the masses! We also have our first full band live shows planned, so maybe we’ll be bringing that show to your town!

What about all these great reviews? Surprised or were you confident you had created something special?

Keith: we were pretty sure that we created something special, but it’s always a relief when it turns out other people agree with you. It was a lot of months between us finishing this one and it coming out, so it’s a welcome release to let the world meet “Conrad”!

Watch here

Buy and listen here

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