WYLDLIFE – Out on Your Block

WYLDLIFE recently released Out on Your Block.

In the words of http://www.jerseybeat.com ‘s Jim Testa:

They are young, loud, sweaty, snotty, irreverent, catchy, and clever. And maybe best of all, they’re almost the complete antithesis of the disengaged, Uber-ironic, overintellectualized, chillwave/chipcore/hipster scene currently dominating the lofts, basements, and alternative spaces of Bushwick. This is – proudly, unabashedly, unapologetically, and frequently shirtlessly – a rock ‘n’ roll band.



Sweet Sweet Music talked to Dave Feldman about fuckboy bullshit, The Vapors, suck a T1000’s liquid metal dick, Little Steven and the French cult band Dogs.

And, of course, about that great great record they made.


Tonight, we are going to party like it’s 1978. How does a young band capture that sound?

We did our homework and really love those records and that era, and we’re frustrated with all of the mainstream fuckboy bullshit.

With all those modern day recording technologies a lot of bands do no sound like bands anymore. Doesn’t seem a problem for you?

Fuck robot rock, fuck auto tune. If you need a computer to help your band, go suck T1000’s liquid metal dick. Lucky for us, we work with people who don’t wanna change our sound. We sound like a real band because we are one.

Teenage Heart has it all. How did that one come together? Is it always like melody first, lyrics second?

I was listening to Vapors’ “New Clear Days” record A LOT at the time. I love that fucking record. I’m not talking about “Turning Japanese” I’m taking about the entire record. Anyway, I wanted to make a song with that type of new wave vibe, plus anything with “Teenage” in the title usually is a hit right? Everybody wants to be young, right?!

So anyway, I wrote the lyrics and had a melody in my mind that was almost exactly like “News at 10” or “Spring Collection” and Sam, brilliant sort, was like welllll lets do this instead. That’s how a lot of our songs come about. I will write the lyrics first with a melody in mind, I’ll kinda sing out to Sam since I don’t play any instruments and Sam will translate it to a WYLDLIFE song. Almost always it will turn out different and better than what I had originally. That’s Sam’s touch.


How will you promote Out on Your Block?

I dunno, that’s really on Wicked Cool and Little Steven, isn’t it? We already got a couple tracks on the radio which is neat. We just gotta hit the road again. West Coast, Europe, your kid sister’s house, wherever. We’re trying to be smart about our shows, but let’s face it: we’re really dumb. We need as much help getting our shit together as far as playing out as possible. It’s a work in progress.

She tells you she will decide on a 5-song-mix tape if there is going to be a second date. Which 5 would you put on?

That’s basically fucking impossible to pick! Let me see…

  • The Equals: “Diversion”
  • Stones version of “Mercy Mercy”
  • Dogs: “Maureen” , because that’s a fun song and almost everyone who listens to anything off of “Legendary Lovers” wants more.
  • BCR: “Rock & Roll Love Letter” and finish it off with
  • The Toms:  “Let’s Be Friends Again”


I would save Rubinoos “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” for the second mixtape because I don’t wanna come on too strong.

Alternate ending for this question: If this chick wants a mixtape after our first date she’s probably too needy and should take a fuckin’ hike.

If you could tour the world with two other bands, which ones would you chose?

I’d love to tour with our friends Dirty Fences because they’re our buddies but also they’re so fucking sick. But I’d also be really scared to play with them night after night because they’re so good on stage it’s intimidating! For the same reasons (minus the friend part) I would also say the Hives.

If it’s defunct or dead bands, I’d say Thin Lizzy or Bon Scott fronted AC/DC because, shit, why not shoot for the stars right? Get to see them every single night. That’d rule.


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