Discussions Magazine writes:
BIG WOW is like a time-travel album – it is very much of the here-and-now but it manages to incorporate bits of pieces of Alternative Rock’s history in ways that are inspiring. From Psych and Garage Rock through New Wave, Mod and Ska with some tinkly indie bits from the ‘90s, 

Sweet Sweet Music talked to Doug McGuire.

Big Wow has that larger than life sound. How did that came together?

I’m assuming you mean the song Big Wow, not the album as a whole. A little while back, a friends teenage daughter stricken with cancer asked if I would start writing songs again. It had been quite some time. 

When I agreed, she asked me if I could write a song like Madness would do. Big Wow was the first song I wrote in more than a decade. The “Big Wow” call, of course, mimics the opening of Madness’ “One Step Beyond.” 

After that came all the psychedelic nonsense “I am the Walrus” parts over lyrics that try to play with the word “economy.” 

This one became quite the popular number with friends and family.

Glam, Pop, Reggae, Psych, Rock … you are not afraid to use it all, are you?

Hmmm. I really don’t use the reggae thing that much, “Big Wow was kind of an aberration. 

We certainly play rock and psyche and producer/keyboard player/percussionist Adam Marsland has a very keen pop sensibility. 

Plus, you don’t want all the songs to sound the same, do you?

Glam? Me? Hahahaha

What makes a good Mod Hippie song?

Anything could make a good Mod Hippie song. My favorite part of it all is when the fabulous musicians I get to play with start tinkering with my skeleton of a song and I get to sit back and listen to them do their thing and make sound better than I really should. 

Tip of the hat and heartfelt thanks to Adam Marsland, Mike Schnee (Chissum Worthington), Teresa Cowles, DJ Bonebrake, David Marks, Jason Berk, Matt Zook, Connor Claxton

How will you promote the new record?

Oh I am so terrible at promotion. I really want to jump right back in the studio. Ok, I really have jumped back into the studio. DJ put down drums on Easter Sunday for 6 new songs. 

Anyway, back to promotion. We made videos for “Night Rally” and “Psycho Romeo” and they’ll go out in as many places as we can think of. 

I don’t play live much, but we are doing a release party gig with Karma Frog label mates Rob Martinez and Pacific Soul Limited –plus Adam is reviving a different era Cockeyed Ghost to round out the evening!

A completely different cover. Were there many changes since Tomorrow Then?

There were some big changes. When Connor stopped playing, I began to feel that this is more of a solo record than a band record. 

Enlisting pros like Marks and Bonebrake really lifted the bar. There are big similarities between “Big Wow” and “Tomorrow Then” as well. The main vocal sound is still Teresa and Me. Teresa still holds down the bass notes. Songs are by Mike Schnee and me etc. 

Overall, I think Big Wow is more poppy and accessible. Tomorrow then has more of a fun with lunatics feel. Leastaways, that’s how I see it.


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