ED RYAN – Furious Mind



“Furious Mind follows on all that was great about Roadmap. The songs are beautifully constructed taking up the rockier space in Power Pop. Loads of hooks, soaring choruses, everything you need from an album.”…I Don’t Hear A Single 

“It is like an album of singles, all killer, no filler and with more hooks than a Chinese fishing fleet…get it!”… Ice Cream Man

“Pleasing melodies, weeping guitars. There’s something here for everybody”…POWERPOPNEWS.COM 

Furious Mind received some great reviews because it is a great record. It’s as simple as that.



It sounds like every now and then you like to play outside. Outside the Power Pop marketplace. Can you share your view on this?

I have very eclectic tastes in music and that informs what I like to write and play. I just like very strong melodies no matter the genre…I do prefer the harder rocking side of things and love a good guitar solo.

My first musical training was playing jazz drums and as an adult I went back to school to get my masters in musical composition, so I’m classically trained as well, but I love to rock!

My all-time favorite album is Buffalo Springfield Again…it includes everything from garage, folk, country, jazz, orchestral, psychedelia and a little power pop.

Variety keeps me from getting bored. Power pop is my favorite, but I have entire albums worth of more hard rock, prog pop and rootsy/acoustic songs in the can. Hopefully, it’s all good music no matter what it’s called!

If you listen to Roadmap and Furious Mind you can say you have a style of your own. How would you describe it?

On the musical side of things, my music is melodic but hard rocking for the most part. I love the juxtaposition of a catchy melody over a band sound with the attack of The Who or Humble Pie with a Beck/Ronson type lead guitar.

Lyrically a little dark but hopefully with a sense of humor. Another huge influence is the Glam era of the early seventies and art pop like John Cale, Kevin Ayers, Peter Gabriel etc. So…catchy, rocking and a little dark!


How many Pink Floyd records did you play before you recorded the guitar solos on Take Me Home 😊?


Ha! Actually, Gilmour live in Gdansk is a touchstone. I love emotional, dramatic blues-based solos that never lose their sense of melody. So that was definitely in the back of my mind while recording!


Rocket Ship is my favorite song. After a year of extremely hard work at the office, this can easily become my 2018 theme song. People like this one a lot, do they?


Yeah, that seems to get to people. I wrote it in about 30 minutes and recorded most of it the same day. I mistakenly didn’t release that as the first single since it doesn’t actually have a proper chorus!



In my case, the Rocket Ship represents my home studio…everyone needs a place to escape to and that’s mine! I have to say that the whole album, and that song, in particular, benefited greatly from the drumming of Christopher Ryan of The Anderson Council!


What will 2018 look like?

In 2018 I’m looking forward to having both Roadmap and Furious Mind available on cd’s through Ray Gianchetti at KoolKatMusik.

Beyond that I already have demos of the next album happening. A friend of mine said, boy, you’re really churning them out. Though he didn’t mean it as an insult I felt like…churning them out? I don’t think so. I only now have the technology to record but I’ve been writing music for decades.

Furious Mind was all new material but I have a fairly vast back catalog of good tunes. I know if you put out too much, people de-value you…or get sick of you.

That being said, when guys that I respect that were around my age, like Tommy Keene and Pat DiNizio pass I think…I better get cracking. So…maybe another album by the end of 2018.

I could never do a Pollard and release three a year, but once a year could happen! I’m very grateful for the support of the podcasters and bloggers who have helped to give me an audience.

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