Introducing … THE EGO RITUAL

“It has a sound like it was conceived in the late 60’s, given some 70’s guitar and some 90’s swagger and then let loose now!”. That’s how Wayne Lundqvist Ford, the Ice Cream man, describes the music of The Ego Ritual, B-Leaguers’ Jim Strying’s new band.

Let’s ask Jim what is going on.

1. The Ego Ritual, new band, new sound?

Yeah, new band and I guess a new sound, but the big melodies are still there! Everyone is going to bring their own influences to the band’s sound, though we don’t really write to any set of rules, or have a blueprint, we just go wherever it takes us. And it’s taken us to some far out places…

2. You are working on your debut, an ep. What’s there to expect?

Yes, we’re currently in the studio working on the songs that will become our debut, 4 track EP. We thought about doing a full album, but decided to test the water first. If people react well to the EP, we’ll look at doing a full length record. What’s to expect? The unexpected! Big guitars, big drums, big melodies!  A healthy dose of psychedelia! Stay tuned…

3. How did this band come together?

The stars aligned! William James Ward, our guitarist, I hadn’t seen for many years. One day he turns up at my door with a guitar and says, ‘let’s write some songs’ So that’s exactly what we did! Gaz Wilde, our drummer, I had known through other projects, as he owns the studio we record at. He’s a great drummer and an excellent sound engineer and producer. Things just fell into place, we’ve been lucky.

4. Any goals set? Ambitions shared between all members?

Well, at the moment we’re all focussed on getting the EP finished. It’s coming together and sounding great. We’re just taking it one step at a time. As I mentioned, if people like it, we’ll look at doing an album. We’re not setting ourselves unrealistic targets, things will happen if they’re going to happen.

5. When will the ep hit the stores/hit the digital platforms ?

We’re planning to release the EP late summer, probably with a song released a few weeks earlier (with accompanying video)

It’ll be available on both CD and download versions, from our bandcamp. You can keep up to date with all info at our facebook page.

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