Paul Collins talks about his new record!

‘Out of My Head’ will be released in September. What can we expect?

I’m very proud of this record, it’s the first time I have played the drums on an entire record since The Nerves! Not only that I also play almost all the guitars including the lead guitar on a lot of tracks. It was very exciting. Some of the songs are in the direct lineage from The Beat and others are a progression hopefully showing a more sophisticated approach to the power pop song form. It’s a record that moves around a bit above all we able to get a fantastic sound.

Can you elaborate a bit on how the record came together?

We recorded at my friend Tony Leventhal from The Mockers new studio. He built it himself from scratch at his place in Bushwick BKLYN. We were hanging out one day and he said “ I got this studio but I’m not exactly sure how to use it, would you like to be the test case” I said sure! The first day we all stood there, me and my songwriting partner Paul Stingo and Tony. Tony said he wasn’t sure exactly how to plug everything in, we said OK and we started trying to record. Eventually we got it going, then one day Tony turned to me and said, “You know we are making a record!”

We took our time and it really shows. The sound is luscious!

Do the songs still come easy? Or was/is writing always tough?

Songs have never come easy, it’s a constant challenge to try and come up with a really good song.

After all those years, what does a song need to end up on a new Paul Collins record?

Paul and I get together and work on new songs we always say the same thing, “We got to hit out of the park! We need a grand slam!” Basically it’s about trying to be as good as you can be. There is nothing like a good song!

Can imagine you have pretty high standards.

I grew up listening to the masters. I learned a lot from listening to the radio. Then in The Nerves I learned a tremendous amount from not Jack Lee and Peter Case about what it takes to write a good song.

I play your records a lot, especially the first two with The Beat. Still. Over and over again. My children sing them along as well. These songs stood the test of time, big time! Were you aware you were creating something special at that time?

I am very proud of the early Records, we did our homework and it shows! I wasn’t exactly sure but I was hoping that it would be good!

Young bands like Telephone Lovers almost copy your sound. Proud?

I think it’s very cool that the new bands are looking back to the older groups for inspiration, that’s exactly what we did!

Will you tour to promote the new record?

Yes, touring is an essential part of the process, you have to the bring the music to the people!

If you read this article do me favor, check out my new record, these days it’s easy to do!

Keep on Rocking!

Photos by Bob Gruen


  1. Paul Grippaldi · May 4, 2018

    Looking forward to the new record and tour. I’m a big fan👌🏻


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