Our backdrop was the mountains and beaches. 

Hotvox writes: Luv Dot Gov, the brainchild of Matthew Pop (vocals/guitar) and Stevie Seaweeds (drums/vocals), was born on a rooftop in Brooklyn in the summer 2016 as a response to dark, trying times — both personally and politically. The band would quickly become a vehicle for some of the best emotionally honest power pop this side of the 90s.

Sweet Sweet Music talked to Matthew Pop about At Least We’ve Got Madness


What was the biggest fun during the making of the last album?

Being able to travel to the amazing city of Edinburgh was a pretty special way to make an album.  And having real musicians (horns, strings, etc) be able to play was great as well.  But the most fun was tracking the vocals.  Our producer, Graeme Young, built a portable studio.  We packed up his car and we rented a tiny cabin way up in the highlands.  Our backdrop was the mountains and beaches.  We had cows roaming around our front yard.  There was even a cabin park dog, bob, who we’d play fetch with on our breaks.  The sun set at 10pm, and there was even still a wee bit of light around midnight.

She tells you she will decide on a 5-song-mixtape if there is going to be a second date. Which 5 would you put on?

I’m not thrilled at the idea of dating a girl who will only let me put 5 songs on a mixtape, but here we go:  🙂

Spoon – Anything You Want
The Muffs – Become Undone
Smoking Popes – Megan
Origami Sun – The Anthropologist
Chris Knox – Not Given Lightly

Which is the song you wish you had written every time you hear it? And why?

That’s gotta be “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys.  Because it’s quite possibly the greatest pop composition ever. The chords and melody, and vocal harmonies still blow my mind every time I hear it.


If the budget was unlimited, how would you record the next record?

I think we would kidnap Graeme and buy a big, old house out in the hills.  Maybe the Scottish Highlands.  Though, maybe Tuscany, or the south of France.  And build a large studio and just take our time making an epic double album.

What’s up for the rest of the year?

We are playing a few more east coast US dates in June.  Then will be touring around the UK in August.  Would love to get to
work on pre-production for the next record, come autumn.

I have about 35 songs ready.  🙂

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