‘When this group got together it FELT good. It was the universe saying “Make a band called Bread & Butter. Do you have something better to do? You don’t. I’m the Universe and I know these things.” It was love at first riff.’, says drummer Mason Lowe.

Bread & Butter self titled release is not brand new but it is one of those records I still play, A LOT!


This is a power pop group that doesn’t skimp on the pop or the power. Each song is carefully arranged, but still sounds like it’s in danger of flying out of control. Like a good party!



At what point, during writing, rehearsing, recording, did you knew you were on to something special?

First practice, first five minutes. We had all known each other and been pals for years. We’d even played together in different combinations – but not this exact formulation. When this group got together it FELT good. It was the universe saying “Make a band called Bread & Butter. Do you have something better to do? You don’t. I’m the Universe and I know these things.” It was love at first riff.

We wrote the songs for the first album in a summer. We’d all contribute parts, we’d pass around a notepad to write lyrics. It was the most idyllic musical situation I’d ever been in. I loved Ryan’s fun guitar sound and Lars’ nasty leads. Shane is the most purely talented musician I know – he’s such a good rock singer it’s annoying. I honestly think it’s easy for him. He’s a turd.

When we’d be working on a new song, I’d wake up in the middle of the night with like the riff from “Desperation” ringing in my head. That still happens when we’re writing. It’s not good for your sleep, but that’s the price you pay for this musical obsession!



The meaning of ‘success’ has changed over the years. When will the new record be a success?*

We try to walk the line between being uncompromising and accessible. I think we’d love for thousands of people to hear our tunes and be like, “Yep, this is my Saturday night soundtrack! Can’t wait for their next arena show.”

But it’s hard to break through these days. Our style of music is kinda niche. We take success one listener at a time. If a friend who has SUPERB taste says, “Hey, your record spends a lot of time on my turntable,” then I’m gonna be happy for the rest of the week. Truly.

Which is the song you wish you had written every time you hear it? And why?*

Dwight Twilley Band – Looking for the Magic

This song is so simple and effective. We’re all looking for a little magic, right? We know it’s out there. We’ve felt it before. But damn if it isn’t hard to pin down. This song sounds like the search for that magic. It’s unsettled and unresolved. It’s got a witchy, desperate vibe but it’s still a cool little groover with a chorus you can sing along to.


If the budget was unlimited, how would you record the next record?*

There is a great tradition in Seattle of recording really transcendent, beautiful music in gross, moldy basements. I’d love to take that to the extreme. Get in the van, get a mobile recording rig and go record a batch of songs in a cold cabin in the darkest, dankest, moldiest part of Washington State – like Hoquiam, Queets, Humptulips. We’d really challenge ourselves to lay down that good fun vibe despite the darkness. I think we’d frickin’ nail it, too.

That wouldn’t be super expensive so I guess we should have a gold toilet installed to eat up some of that budget.


What’s up for the rest of the year?*

We are most of the way through recording our second album and we’ll probably be done in the next couple of months. It’s a weirder album than the last one, probably due to the shitty politics that have taken over in the US. We’re not a political band, but we’re human and we react to our environment.

(Here’s a taste of the trip we’re on: here). In November, we’re gonna play a bunch of shows around Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia with our friends in Autogramm and wrap it up with a big New Year’s Eve party at the Sunset Tavern in Seattle. Tickets are still available! (here)

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