KEN SHARP talks about ‘Beauty in the Backseat’

‘There is always a thread of sadness and melancholy with much of the songs I write.’, says Ken Sharp.

His latest record ‘Beauty in the Backseat’ was released a couple of months ago.

Muen magazine raves: ‘…the “feel good” record of the upcoming fall season, Sharp’s latest beams golden rays of sunshine—casting Beatles-sized hooks, while brimming with Beach Boys inspired appeal.’.

Already nominated for two awards in LA Music Critics Awards for Best Album and Best Pop Artist.




“24 Hours A Day,” that’s classic you, that’s classic Power Pop, isn’t it?


Yes, that song is total full on power pop with big capital letters! The song “24 Hours A Day” was inspired by a cool album that I love by The Partridge Family called “Sound Magazine.” There was a song on that album with the same title and I always loved that title. As a challenge, I tried to come up with my own song with that title.


I’m very happy with the song as it is pure power pop and goes over well when I played it live. But with my new album, “Beauty In The Backseat,” I have to stress that it’s not just a power pop album but covers a much broader spectrum of music. It’s all over the map, you’ll find R&B/soul pop, baroque rock, ’70s glam and more.





You have your own style, by using a lot of different influences. Does that come naturally?



In terms of my influences coming out in my music, that is natural. I have diverse musical tastes and love everything from Elvis to the Beatles, Stevie Wonder to Hall and Oates, Small Faces to Todd Rundgren and all points in between. I think I’m now more comfortable being free to allow the variety of influences I have come out in my music instead of writing music that just fits the power pop mode.



You are “on the sad side of the note” most of the time?



Yes, that is very perceptive of you. There is always a thread of sadness and melancholy with much of the songs I write. My “New Mourning” album lays all the sadness and darkness in the grooves, lots of “blood on the tracks,” so to speak. During the writing and recording of that record, in particular, I was going through a very tough time and the deep blue melancholy is reflected in all the songs. But what I try to do so you don’t want to slit your wrists being totally bummed out is I often counteract the sadness in the lyrics with music that has an uplifting and upbeat melody.


My new album, “Beauty In The Backseat” is a much more upbeat album lyrically, although there are some songs on there that delve deep into melancholy like “No One Seems To Stay Together Anymore,” “Sinking” and “The Hardest Part.” Those are among my favorites on the album and are profoundly sad lyrically.

As my life has its share of dips and valleys I find the sadder songs reflect more of what I’m going through but try to counteract that with songs infused with a much more positive flavor and lyrical slant.



Nowadays recording a record seems easier then getting it heard. How do you manage?



Yes, I agree with that. There is a proliferation of people making and recording music and that makes it much more difficult to break through and reach an audience. How do you garner attention and an audience is a major challenge for lesser known artists like myself around the world.



Those last 2 album covers are beautiful. Looks like you found a theme?


Certainly, with those two albums, there is a visual correlation with the covers. My next album will have an album cover that is something different from that vibe. Glad you liked the two covers, I came up with the concepts and two very talented friends/ designers worked hard on those—hats off to John Sellards and Bernie Hogya.



Looking forward to 2019?



Yes, I’m very much looking forward to 2019. I hope to have another album out by the end of next year. I’m focused on working hard at my craft in an effort to keep getting better as an artist and songwriter and I want to push myself to get music out on a more regular basis. BIG kudos to my co-producer Fernando Perdomo for helping me realize my musical dreams.


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