The Ego Ritual (Q&A)


Enter The Ego Ritual and this 5-track eponymous EP. It has everything one might expect from psych-rock revivalist over the years. The songs here groove and rock out, with the appropriate riffs and sounds that approximate the psych-rock agenda but more importantly the songs are well-crafted in their own right and do not simply function as mere pastiches.” – Kevin Mathews/ 

“Opener ‘Chakra Maraka’, is a sonic joy ride.  The sitar-esque intro lures one in until the thundering guitars land a sucker punch… and off we go on a melodic, guitar fueled roller coaster, moving at a pace that demands you hold on for dear life.  ‘Serenade the Ley Line’ is straight up power pop through paisley glasses, bouncing along into a catchy chorus that’s easy to remember even after a single listen.  ‘Days of Set’ shares a commonality with both of the aforementioned tracks – a bit more conventional, it’s melodic and carries a similar punch.  Catchy melodies and terrific songwriting carry the day, born from a decidedly paisley perspective.  And, it’s a guitar enthusiast’s dream. They’re gorgeous throughout the entirety of the record. This EP is a great way to start off 2019.  You’ll want to start writing 1968 on all your checks…. except the one to Internal Revenue! Not a good idea.” – Rich Rossi/  GREAT!!


Lots of praise! Let’s talk to James Styring and find out more!







With every song you write, are you still learning to become an even better songwriter?


Yes, you’re always learning, always striving for that one special song. You’ll never get there, of course, but it’s that drive that keeps you writing, keeps you pushing. I’m sure most songwriters will say their best work is yet to come.


As an artist, you chose to show your emotions to the world. Is it always comfortable to do so?


It’s not always comfortable, but I believe the song benefits if you do. You have to be honest. Even if the lyrics don’t make immediate sense, you can feel when the writer is writing from the heart. It’s quite often the only place a songwriter does show emotion and open up. There’s a kind of safety net in a song. If you feel it, the listener will feel it. It’s a shared experience. A connection.



When was the last time you thought ‘I just wrote a hit!’?


We don’t set out to write hits, as such. There is no blueprint, the songs just go where they need to. It’s up to the listener to decide if they enjoy and get something from them. We’re always grateful if they do, but it certainly isn’t the priority when William and myself sit down to write. And our songs can always be taken on different levels, the deeper you dig, the more you may find resonates with you. I guess our definition of a hit song would be very different from mainstream media and pop radio, though pop music and hit songs have a valid place in the scheme of things, they always have.



Recording music. What’s all the fun about?


Being creative. Your ideas finally coming to life. You work tirelessly on these things, you get to breathe life into them. It’s not always an easy journey, but you stick with it and see it through. You made something happen from nothing. Sonic magic.


You can’t control the way people ‘hear’ your music. But if you could make them aware of certain aspects, you think, set your songs apart. What would they be?


I’ve always said, it’s far more important what the listener thinks than what the writer had in mind. Our songs are open to interpretation on every level, make of them what you will. When I write the lyrics, I know exactly what I’m saying, but once the songs are ‘out there’ for people to hear, it’s up to the individual. No one’s right, no one’s wrong. We do our thing, firstly for ourselves, secondly, for anyone who wants to listen. Again, it’s totally out of our hands, once the song is released. If people find we have a unique sound, or whatever it may be, then great. We don’t set out to be anyone but ourselves.


Buy it at Kool Kat Musik

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