Crocodiles – Love Is Here (Q&A)

‘Wait Until Tomorrow’ is one of the big songs of the year so far. Post Punkers, Garage Rockers, and Power Pop lovers, Crocodiles just released ‘Love Is Here’.

… And this one has a particularly nice blend of sweet and noisy.




Brandon Welchez & Charles Rowell talk.







For every song you record, how many end up in the bin? 


I don’t usually finish a song if it’s not sounding like it’s going to be a good one. I guess for every idea that ends up becoming a good song I probably abandon five ideas.


With every song you write, are you still learning to become an even better songwriter?


Yes, definitely. I think it’s important to never think you’ve “figured it out” or else you won’t continue to grow. I think it’s good to collaborate with other writers as well because everyone has a different perspective and process and it also helps you grow to see you this.


Any ideas about how to turn this one into a million seller?


If I had any ideas about that I wouldn’t be so fucking poor haha! Really I think it’s just luck and being part of the zeitgeist. It doesn’t do an artist any favors to worry about becoming rich or famous; just do your best work and be true to yourself because there is really no control over what happens.



Is recording a record easier than getting it heard nowadays?


Definitely. This new album took us a year to get out. We could probably do two albums a year if we had the financial backing to make it happen.



Which 5 records, that everybody forgot about, would define ‘our time’ on earth?


I don’t know if you mean our time like 2019 or like the past one hundred years so I’ll just answer by telling you five power pop records I love since this is a power pop blog:


Howard Werth – Obsolete

NRBQ – Want You Bad

Incredible Kidda Band – You Belong To Me

Paul Collins Beat – Rock N Roll Girl

The Records – Starry Eyes








What’s the gig you will always remember? And why?


Hmmm. I would say that playing in Tangier Morocco was the most memorable. We had never set foot in Africa before let alone to perform. The crowd matched our enthusiasm, much to our surprise. They danced and even made a conga line. Some of them were wearing traditional head scarves also. It was a completely new and heartwarming experience.


When was the last time you thought ‘I just wrote a hit!’?


Haha! There isn’t much that passes through my head besides are the lyrics good and does it flow well. I doubt that even if we had a big label and millions of fans that we would think in terms of hits. As a songwriter you are constantly chasing something deep within you; to match or beat that old familiar feeling. Perhaps it was the feeling you got when you first heard Television or The Modern Lovers. After it’s all written and organized with Brandon I always forget how the damn song was written anyways. It’s a curse. I can recall the bad ideas but not how the good ones came to be.


Which 5 records, that everybody forgot about, would define ‘our time’ on earth?


These are some records that I feel are not celebrated as widely as they should be 🙂


  1. Grant Hart – You’re The Reflection of The Moon On The Water (single)
  2. Greg Sage – Sacrifice (for love) CD
  3. Angel City – Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again (single)
  4. White Sport – Learner Dancer (single)
  5. Lou Miami – Ghosts (single)


Recording music. What’s all the fun about?


Perhaps a psychologist would suggest that artists have a fear of death or of not being remembered and that’s why we create as we do. I do enjoy making albums because I know that they will last forever. They’re a window into the thoughts, ideas, and inspirations of a specific time; a specific artist(s). These eternal messages are passed along from person to person and quickly become apart of the listener’s memories too. It’s remarkable how much music plays an overlooked influence on our lives. For Brandon and I, we can look back at almost twenty years of musical collaboration through our albums. For us, it’s an ocean of memories.


Playing music in front of a crowd. What’s all the fun about?


I really enjoy your questions! Under the best conditions, you can share a very cool experience with the crowd. It’s different than making an album and sitting at home listening to your studio chops on the hifi. In concert, everyone contributes. It’s a chance to create an ambiance and inject a visceral element into your songs.



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