Cromm Fallon – Electric Bloom (Q&A)


‘While it’s certainly a varied album, garage is the overriding vibe throughout and is offered up with asserted confidence by Fallon’s casually delivered snarl. Tracks such as ‘East Bay’, and the leading single from the album, ‘Scars from You’, present the familiar tones of that low-slung classic American garage sound, reminiscent of some Iggy Pop, maybe with touches of Velvet Underground which regularly pop up throughout the record.’, writes RPM Online.


Sweet Sweet Music spoke with Cromm about his GREAT new record.





How did this record come together?


This record came together after I released my first single on Rum Bar Records. After playing in various bands, my former bandmate and friend of mine, Aly (RIP), suggested I go solo. With the positive reception I received from the single from various sites and magazines, I had to focus on releasing what I would want for a perfect debut album. With my drummer, Aaron Archer, I was able to hit the studio and lay down some songs I already had written while writing new ones in the process. The songs you hear on the record span years of my songwriting from when I was 19 to a month before the album was finished.I didn’t go into the album wanting to be genre-specific so that’s why you hear elements of lots of types of rock n roll.




Playing music in front of a crowd, what’s the fun about?


Playing music live is honestly one of the greatest feelings ever. I can forget about any sort of bullshit going on in life for those 30-40 minutes I’m onstage. Plus while I’m up there, I’m going to put on a show and go all out. Our live shows are more intense, louder, and noisier than the recordings for sure. I always look forward to touring, so book me and I’ll play your town.


With every song you write, are you learning to become an even better songwriter?


Oh yes, for sure. There’s always room to try new things out. I already have new ideas for my next album that will include even more powerpop elements as well as some post-punk and soul in there. The more I write, the more I can expand these ideas.



Is recording a record easier than getting it heard nowadays?


Oh definitely. Anyone has the ability to record an album and release it on all streaming sites. There’s so much music out there, and I’m always trying to seek it, but sometimes hard to find due to so many types of podcasts, blogs, streaming sites, etc. I feel like I’ve only listened to a fraction of some of the great new music that’s been put out even this year.


Any ideas on how to turn this one into a million-seller?


I’d be satisfied even 1,000 people gave the entire album a full listen. If you’re reading this, check the album out and see if you dig it!



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