Sunnyboys – 40


Alone With You is a classic. The song is about 40 years old and has now been reissued in the original version. Sunnyboys 40 has 4 old songs, including Alone With You, and 4 new ones. It is a miracle that there are new songs. Jeremy Oxley, for all kinds of reasons, fails to lead a life in the spotlights. This has ensured that Sunnyboys, certainly in their home country Australia, has a cult status. The band that succeeded in combining surf, new wave, and power pop into beautiful songs suddenly disappeared. And didn’t they have many more songs in store for us?

On Spotify, you can find the old songs on playlists like Aussie Rock Classics or Aussie BBQ. That, of course, says something.

Fair is fair, the new songs are no better than the old ones. The Seeker even reminds me of the best work of The Sonics and that quality is not delivered on the new songs. On the other hand, the new songs are really moving. This is mainly because Oxley’s vocal cords have aged.

Can’t You Stop is an emotional plea and the best new song. It rocks more than it rattles, but the fragility in Oxley’s otherwise tough voice creates a lot of emotion.

Sunnyboys goes on tour again. Just assume that this will be special evenings for the old fans, with lots of singing and the occasional tear.

If you are not familiar with the music of Sunnyboys, go check them out.


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