Tuff Sunshine – Dig Deeper, Peanut

Have you ever wondered what a Beck record would sound like with only accessible melodies? Or what would happen if Chuck Prophet made a pop record? I do. Quite often too. Maybe I have found the answer to both questions. With his band Tuff Sunshine, Johnny Leitera has found the right balance between ‘strange’ and ‘accessible’, between ‘pop’ and ‘rock’, between ‘eclectic’ and ‘straight forward’. There are ten songs on Dig Deeper, Peanut that are described by Magnet Magazine as ‘immediately likable’. Ten songs that, despite the differences, form such a beautiful whole. And records that form a beautiful whole can take you to your own world. That also happens here. So listen to the entire record, but if you’re only looking for highlights, you’ll end up with Sleepwalking and We Seal Everything with a Kiss.


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