Kekker – Greatest Hits Volumes 1 + 2 (Q&A)


Good things come to those who wait. For Edinburgh-based songwriter Keith Matheson, this first solo album is the result of waiting for the right time to record and release a highly personal collection of songs that illustrate the power of reflection.


SweetSweetMusic spoke to Keith about what it’s like to release a great record while the world is turned upside down.


‘Good things come to those who wait.’, Says Bandcamp in the bio. Can you explain what you were waiting for?

That’s a quote from the press release, my talented pal, Lorraine Wilson wrote but I suppose it also refers to the amount of time it took to finally realize a solo release (the better part of 23 years).

I hadn’t written anything for an absolute age and when I finally got back on it 5 new tracks got penned in a few weeks and I thought they were good enough, along with some unreleased back catalog, to complete a full album.

And then it turns out that the ‘good things’ come when the whole world is turned upside down? How do you experience that?

Ah yip, that hasn’t helped promotion!

I was planning a few gigs to get the word around but with the crazy situation we find ourselves in, that’s not happening any time soon.

On the plus side, I have a load of new songs I’m recording at home at the moment given all this free time!

Greatest Hits Volumes 1 + 2, you are only half-joking, aren’t you?

Absolutely!! The title is a tongue in cheek reference to the fact half the album is over 20 years old and the rest are brand new.

Your lyrics seem very personal to me. Does that come easy?

I always write from a personal perspective, it’s just the way I work. Given that most stories and feelings aren’t exclusive, I don’t think that affects any universal appeal… to have some killer hooks as well though!




You can buy the record as a download, as a CD, and on vinyl. No streaming? What’s the idea behind that?

I suppose it’s taking a bit of a stand against the streaming platforms due to the tiny percentages the give back to hard-working artists who’ve spent a very long time investing not only money into a project, but time, energy and talent!

In what other job (IT’S NOT HOBBY) would a person accept such a small return for their endeavors?

I am probably missing a promotional trick here but it just sticks in my throat a bit!

Same goes for unpaid gigs (“It’ll be good for your profile……. Etc, etc”.)



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