It’s Karma It’s Cool – Woke Up In Hollywood (Q&A)

Sweet Sweet Music spoke to James Styring about American culture, the quest for spirituality, and “the younger years”.

The wonderful Stephen SPAZ Schnee wrote the liner notes and included the discussion about what’s Power Pop or not. Is it important to you that a label can or can’t be attached to your music? 

No, not really. We don’t sit down and decide how we want to sound. There are elements of Power Pop to what we do for sure, but there are also many other influences. I think if you label yourself, you restrict your creativity and therefore your writing. We let the songs go where they need to go. We all share a love of melody and harmony, so chances are we would never release a thrash metal album, or sound like Motorhead, but who knows…?

American culture, the quest for spirituality, and “the younger years” were these important sources of inspiration this time? 

It’s quite often only when I listen back to a finished song, or album, that I realize a common connection or inspiration. A lot of the songs are reflective, looking back on life, almost longing for the past, I guess. Spirituality has always been a part of what I do, not in a religious sense, but the idea that there is something bigger than all of us and we’re all in this together. America has always fascinated me from childhood. It seemed such a cool place, all the best movies, comic books, etc came from there. I would love to visit one day.

 Battle of Burnt Out Bliss. Can imagine that was a tough one to write?

Yes, there was a bit of soul searching for that song. We all have to come to terms with loss at some point in our lives. It’s about the healing process that has to take place before you can move on in life. The acceptance of change and of letting go.

 No Spotify release for Woke Up In Hollywood?

There will be soon, Patrick, watch this space…

Buy at KoolKatMusik

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