Canine 10 – Nonsense!

Philadelphia based punky power pop band Canine 10 released Nonsense! last April. There is little reason to jump around happily this year but on Nonsense! you will find 12.

SweetSweetMusicblog spoke to Dale Ensane.

What was the moment you knew you were on to something?

First of all, we’re not positive we ARE on to something, but it was when we put our current lineup together & recorded the “Truth is Wrong” EP.

You can’t control the way people ‘hear’ your music. But if you could make them aware of certain aspects, you think, set your songs apart. What would they be?

It seems that some people maybe don’t realize that our songs are actually HILARIOUS!

As an artist, you chose to show your emotions to the world. Is it always comfortable to do so?

I don’t think I really care… unless the subject happens to be in the room… then, I claim one of the others wrote it.

What’s the gig you will always remember? And why?

Well, most of the time, they’re really fun, but it seems the couple of bad ones are what we always talk about because they wind up just being weird experiences. -like a promoter who is a weird jerk or the time, the entire (small) audience left & we played to just the sound guy. :-(.

Recording music. What’s all the fun about?

The fun in recording is when you’re done & you get to show Mrs. horrible the final product.

Playing music in front of a crowd. What’s all the fun about?

It’s been a while…. can’t remember

Any ideas about how to turn this one into a million seller?

At this point, we’d simply buy 999,935 copies ourselves!

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