The Well Wishers – Shelf Life (Q&A)

“Shelf Life”, the brand new full-length LP from the WELL WISHERS is set to hit stores on September 25th!

The album was written and produced in the short span of just five months, shortly after nationwide lockdowns began in response to the growing Covid crisis.

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Jeff Shelton explains.

You make songwriting seem so easy? Do those catchy melodies and fantastic guitar solos just keep on coming or is it hard work and a lot of puzzles?

I don’t know if I’d say songwriting is “easy”…but it’s certainly natural and organic to an extent. The best stuff comes out when you’re in a fully creative mindset…and nothing is forced. It usually starts with a general idea of what kind of song I want to write…(aggressive/driving…..or mid-tempo and jangly….or slow & building…anthemic, etc.)

Did this lockdown period also require a different approach? Did this record come about differently than the previous one?

The process was not really any different this go around…as I’ve been recording fully at my home studio for about 4 or 5 years now. The only thing COVID quarantine facilitated was free time ….and more time to just focus and be creative and productive. I wrote and recorded all these 11 tracks in less than 5 months!

How do you get inspiration from this sometimes so desolate time or was this time itself the inspiration?

I certainly drew inspiration from the pandemic. The whole world vibe seemed to change after mid-March….from day to day life to what we value and what’s truly important. The lyrics on this record reflect that…sort of implicitly. Themes of frustration, isolation…but also hope, love, and aspiration are all in there.

Isn’t it strange that so much music is being listened to now and that so many artists are in financial trouble at the same time?

If there’s an upside to any of this it’s that creative output is certainly speeding up. Lots of great music coming out right now…and the stuff that reflects the pandemic and political strife (especially in America) is particularly poignant. The greatest tragedy though…is the basic death of live music. If it ever comes back at all….live loud music in an indoor environment is still a long way off. Rock n roll will never die…but I have to tell you, I’m going through serious concert withdrawal right now!

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