This is the story so far …

The Sweet Sweet Music blog has been around for five years this week.

This is the story so far …

There are now a total of 228 posts on the blog.

Over the years I have removed some reviews and posted a single interview twice.

A Q&A is usually viewed between 150 and 350 times.

There are 4 real outliers.

The interview in which Paul Collins announced his new record (Out of My Head) has been viewed more than 500 times.

The end-of-year lists are also viewed a lot every year. The 2018 overview was especially popular (more than 700 views). I think because 2018 was a good year for Power Pop. Have a look.

At the end of last year I asked a lot of Power Pop artists what the plans were for 20/20 and that post has been viewed over 1,000 times.

If we only knew then what year 2020 would be.

By far the most read post is The Best 100 Power Pop Songs of this Century (2000-2020).
That list has now been viewed more than 7,000 times.
And the Spotify playlist on which most songs can be found has 175 followers.

Although I often write ‘we’, I do this blog on my own. The head office is located on the couch in my living room.

My name is Patrick Donders, I am 50 years old and I live in Utrecht. That’s in The Netherlands. And The Netherlands is next to Germany. I never listen to The Beatles or The Kinks, I think Jellyfish is awful but not as awful as E.L.O..

I grew up with Talk Talk, The Blue Nile and Nena, was formed by Marillion, Journey, Bruce and Herbert Gronemeyer and got ‘old and wise’ with Cheap Trick, The Beat, Slobberbone, The Jayhawks and Fred Eaglesmith.

I love a lot of Power Pop songs but only have a few favorite records.
The Beat’s first two records are two of them. 12 by Sloan is also one. But of course there are many more :-).

This is a Spotify playlist of my favorite songs from the heyday of Power Pop.
This is a playlist of my 90s favorites.
We will never remember 20/20 as a good Power Pop year but it is, listen up.

Thanks to all the artists and all other lovely people who have been willing to answer my questions. Even when I asked them for the third time.
Thanks to the more than 10,000 unique visitors!

The ‘corporate identity’ was designed by Sabeth Elberse.

Keep supporting your favorite artists. Buy their music if you can.

One comment

  1. Sonny Black · January 2, 2022

    Hello! Here’s a FREE EP’s of covers with power all up in the pop! Fell free to delete, repost/share, etc…
    Just trying to get it all out there to those who might be in need!

    Stream here:
    Free download here:

    Album of originals out in late Spring.

    Happy New Year!
    ~Sonny Black


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