The Rockyts – Come on and Dance (Q&A)

They are young, ambitious, good-looking, have a good logo, a ton of great songs, a young following, can actually play, and they work with Eddie Kramer.

Sweet Sweet Music spoke to Jeremy.

How did this record come together?

We wrote the songs intending to make a sound that would mix modern pop and 60s style rock, and also picked a few songs from the era to re-make that we thought could be made to sound relevant today. We really wanted to make an album that would be energetic and catchy from beginning to end. We recorded it at Noble Street Studios in only two days, using a mix of modern and classic techniques to make it sound modern but also have a hint of classic flavor. One example of this blend is how some of the songs were mixed by Kevin O’Leary (Shawn Mendes, Barenaked Ladies) and some by legendary engineer Eddie Kramer (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Kiss).

Recording music. What’s all the fun about?

Recording is one of the best parts of the job because you get to spend your whole day around music, playing in an ideal environment for sound. You get to arrange everything the way you have been imagining/planning for months and hear it in top quality. Some of the most fun we had during our two days recording the album was on the song “Espresso”.

For the intro, we recorded a real espresso machine in the studio! We had to move the cups just right and pour the coffee perfectly to get the right sound!

What’s the show you will always remember and why?

There are probably two shows that stand out for me. One is our first show which we played in a beautiful park, on a big stage surrounded by water. It was a sunny day and since it was a festival, there was a decently sized crowd. I’ll remember it because it was like a perfect day. To hear ourselves echoing through the area on loudspeakers and have the crowd really enjoy the show was amazing.

The other is a pre-game show that we played in a baseball stadium for the local baseball team here in Ottawa, Canada. Standing on the home plate of a stadium and playing to our biggest crowd yet was a lot of fun. What was the moment you knew you were onto something? When we made Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube pages, we were thrilled to find out that people loved the sound. People of all ages were liking it but the majority of the new fans we were gaining were under 25. We knew if young people loved the sound it could really take off. The meaning of success has changed over the years.

What would success look like for the new record?

One of our goals is to make it on the commercial charts. We have already had our songs played on many commercial radio stations and Sirius XM satellite radio so we are hoping it can happen!


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