It’s Karma It’s Cool (News)

It’s Karma It’s Cool is recording a new record. James Styring shares an update.

You are currently working on a new record.  What’s going to be the biggest difference from “Woke Up in Hollywood”?

I think this time around we’ve really found our sound and are confident with who we are as a band. I think it’ll be a more focused record, it’ll still be ‘It’s Karma It’s Cool’, the melodies are still there, but the choruses just got a whole lot bigger.

Where are you at the moment in the recording process?

We have the tracks written, we’re currently back in Playing Aloud Studios in Lincoln, recording drums, bass and guitars. We’re about halfway through. The tracks are coming together and are sounding huge. Even at this early stage, we’re very excited about how it’s all sounding. We always try to write a collection of songs that can be played together as an album, or can stand on their own strength, individually. Each song on this record could potentially be a single.

2020 went very differently than expected.  What do you hope your world will look like around this time next year?

I don’t think anyone really saw it coming. We’re all in the same situation. You just have to do what you can, while keeping safe. Our official album launch for ‘Woke Up In Hollywood’ was meant to be at The Cavern Club, Liverpool, back in May, as part of the International Pop Overthrow Festival. That obviously didn’t happen, but we recently played a delayed launch in our home city of Lincoln, to a fully booked/sold-out crowd, with social distancing and limited capacity. It was a brilliant night; the crowd was fantastic. We’re just very grateful we got the chance to play. Things will get better; we all have to believe that.

Has the title and release date been announced?

Nothing definite just yet, though we’re looking at a late spring/summer 2021 release, once again on the American, Kool Kat Musk label. We can’t really thank Ray, at Kool Kat, enough for his support. And we’re looking at doing something a bit special with the CD release this time, limited edition free ‘It’s Karma It’s Cool’ patches, badges, etc. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for up to date info and announcements.

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