Lady Legs – Off Days (Q&A)

Birmingham, Alabama’s Lady Legs return with a fiery new album that is full of southern charm and reverb-drenched slide guitars.
On the heels of their critically acclaimed debut Holy Heatwave, Off Days finds this young band widening the scope and burning through new sonic territory.

What was the moment you knew you were on to something?

We were playing a small music festival in Birmingham that was going to be our last show together. After we finished the show, we were approached by Jeffrey Cain, the owner of Communicating Vessels, who offered to sign us right there. That was when we knew we wanted to keep going and start taking it more seriously.

Is recording a record easier than getting it heard nowadays?

Way easier. Anyone can put themselves on streaming platforms any day they want to. There’s a Bob Jillion of ’em. There’s usually only one song that makes a playlist, and that’s the only one people hear. people are thinking “I just want to hear this one song by this one band”. Peoples attention spans are shrinking and they don’t listen to albums anymore

– Dr. Bernstein, who is a certified psychologist and astute member of the rhythm section

How did this record come together?

We had all just graduated, were looking for work, and moved cities, which had an impact on us writing new songs as individuals. The majority of the songs were played at SXSW 2017, and throughout a tour in December 2017, so the songs were really well developed. When we got back into the studio, all of the songs were fresh in our minds, and we learned a lot from recording our previous record Holy Heatwave. It definitely helped us achieve the sounds we were going for.

Cassettes are back. Which 5 five songs would make your first mixtape?

Good question. 

John: Gary Numan – Our Friends Electric

Grant: Mr Twin Sister – Echo Arms

Ellis: MGMT – Of Moons, Birds, and Monsters (deep cut)

Seth: Cut Worms – Walk With Me

popular vote: The Gregory Brothers – Chicken Attack

What does success look like for this record?

Sell a Bob Jillioni of ’em.

Lady Legs is:

John Sims
Grant Galtney
Seth Brown
Ellis Bernstein

‘Idle Hands’ has been added to Sweet Sweet Music’s Favorite Power Pop Songs of 20/20! – Spotify playlist.

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