Dolour – Televangelist

Sweet Sweet Music spoke to Shane Tutmarc about Televangelist, Dolour’s (soon to be released) new record.

Televangelist was written, produced, engineered, and mixed by Shane, who also played all the instruments and vocals.

The title track was released as a single on 12.12.2020.

Pre-order (vinyl, CD, digital) starts February 5th via Bandcamp – with an April 2nd release date. The instant download tracks are “Televangelist” (with a different mix than the single) and “Baby You’re A Faker.”

For quite a few years you have not released music as Dolour and now 2 records in 2 years?

Yeah, it’s been a long journey over the last 15 years since I originally closed the door on Dolour. I never stopped making music, but my music took me everywhere from blues and gospel to country, soul, and hip-hop-influenced electronic pop – before I found myself back at home with Dolour.

Recently, Kool Kat Musik gathered a bunch of songs from the various projects of the last decade on their September 2020 release, “Written & Produced by Shane Tutmarc.”

There’s a song on this new album called “The Scenic Route” that kind of touches on this journey. I guess I took the “scenic route” back home.

What can we expect?

For folks that discovered Dolour through last year’s The Royal We, I think they’ll find this album filled with a lot more energy. The Royal We had a real laid back feel to it, but this album feels more amped-up to me.

For long-time Dolour fans, I feel like this new album would sit nicely between Suburbiac (2002) and New Old Friends (2004), but there are also some threads of my non-Dolour solo work throughout the album as well. Maybe a little folk-rock and straight-up rock n roll paired with more orchestrated pop and flourishes of psychedelia.

How did this record come together?

I didn’t plan to go right into making another record after finishing The Royal We, but that’s pretty much what happened. With the pandemic raging, and lockdowns and quarantine happening – no options to tour – songs just kept coming out of me, and it’s one of the main things that kept me sane through the summer and fall. Thankfully over the last few years I’ve put together a pretty decent home studio, so I was able to do everything myself from the safety of my home – which is how I’ve been working for the last 3 or 4 years now with all my projects.

When will the record be released?

The album will be out April 2nd! The title-track, “Televangelist,” is out now – available everywhere you can stream music.

Is it possible to pre-order the record already?

Pre-orders for vinyl, CD, and digital downloads will begin on February 5th via Bandcamp! The title track along with the next single “Baby You’re A Faker” will be instant gratification downloads for those that pre-order!

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