Caddy – Detours and Dead Ends Vol. 1 (Q&A and more …)

Caddy is a one-man band since 2004! Tom Dahl has released some wonderful records over the years.

He is currently working on ‘Detours and Dead Ends Vol. 1 ‘, a record where he performs songs written by others.

Sweet Sweet Music spoke to Tom about the making of this record.

How did you decide to do a cover album?

Back in late 2019, I decided to go into the studio and record a couple of covers. The idea was to release a 4-track EP, just to have something to do before I started working on a full album in 2020. As we went into 2020 with the virus and various lockdowns, I wasn’t motivated to get into writing mode for a full album anymore. So I didn’t do any music for 4 months before I decided to go back into the studio during the summer and record some more covers. Then I thought, ‘hey, if I record another 4 cover songs I have enough to release an album’.

It was a really fun project searching for hidden gems and see what I could do with them, and I found the inspiration I needed to keep going. I kinda found out that I can release a cover album in between my albums, which is perfect because I enjoy having these big long projects happening.

So many great songs, so many. Almost impossible to chose 10 to cover, I can imagine. How did you decide? What were you looking for in the songs?

I’ve spent many many MANY hours digging and searching. I loved it. It became a big part of the project. How can I find even more underground and unknown songs? I had a list of about 25 songs that’s been in and out of the list. But once I decided on a song I discovered a new one. My mission is to dig out good songs that not necessarily too many people have heard of. Bring them back to life and hopefully make a decent cover of them. Most of these songs are from the late 70s, early 80s. Some of them are basic power pop, some are more new wave and I also did a more acoustic singer/songwriter track from 1971. But all will get the Caddy sound on them and eventually it will sound like my songs. It was so much fun finding these songs.

Was recording different this time, because of the situation the world is in?

No, not really. I’m a one-man band anyways so I’m used to being alone in the studio. But I lost the motivation when the world went into lockdown. I know a lot of people here in Oslo playing in bands and working in the nightlife industry. For them not knowing if they could get back to their jobs, playing gigs, etc. has been an eerie feeling.

Can you already share the title?

Detours and Dead Ends Vol. 1

When will it be released?

Hopefully, it will be out digitally on Vestkyst Records in late March. Maybe early April. CD will be released in April I guess on Kool Kat Musik.

Is it already possible to pre-order?

No haha, I still need to finish the last track where I’m using a guest on vocals. Oslo is still in lockdown right now but hopefully, there will be a possibility to get into the studio and finish it. Fingers crossed.

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