Lannie Flowers – Home (Q&A)

BIG STIR RECORDS and SPYDERPOP RECORDS jointly announce the first major release of their new partnership: a full digital and physical relaunch of the acclaimed album HOME from LANNIE FLOWERS, out July 23, 2021. Hailed upon its original 2019 release as “a masterpiece” (Mike Lidskin, Woody Radio) and the best album of the year by Goldmine Magazine’s John Borack, Home – accompanied by a brand new single showcasing the title track and an exclusive b-side – stands to reach new ears and hearts with its dazzling demonstration of the Texas guitar-pop legend’s songwriting prowess.

When I heard ‘Home’ in 2019, I was convinced that Lannie Flowers had been influenced by the ‘great’ Texan storytellers such as Townes van Zandt, Guy Clark, and Blaze Foley. Nothing could be further from the truth, as he told Sweet Sweet Music.

Still, ‘Home’ is a record of brilliant stories told from an adult perspective. The type of stories the storytellers mentioned above mastered.

Lannie Flowers can do that too. He proves that on ‘Home’ fourteen times.

Home’ is different from your other records. When did you know you wanted to make something different? And why was it important to you?

Initially, I wanted it to come out after “Circles.” Because in my mind, it was part of a trilogy.
First was “Same Old Story.” Which is from a teenager, early 20’s point of view.
Then “Circles” was from an older person’s view.
And “Home” is more of a looking back perspective.

The last song on “Circles” is a song called “Rusty Circles.” It’s more of an acoustic song, unlike most of the rest of the album.

And the last line of the song is “I’m coming home.” So I thought that would be a great lead-in to the next record.

But it was important to me to make it sound different and more mature because it was about more mature situations.

You got great reviews when the record first came out. How easy is it to receive compliments?

It’s tough for me. When I read reviews, it’s kind of like they are talking about someone else. But it’s very humbling and rewarding. Nice to know that someone is listening.

There is a great storytelling tradition in Texas. Was this tradition, more than ever, an inspiration?

Not consciously. But I’m sure a lot of that unknowingly crept in. There are some great songwriters/storytellers from here. But they are way out of my league. I was a rock and roll kid. So when I was younger, I didn’t pay as much attention to that stuff as I probably should’ve.

I think ‘Anyway’ is such a beautiful song. How did it come about?

I had this little Paul McCartney-ish tune around for a while but couldn’t think of anything to write about. So, one evening, my wife talked about her friend’s son named Dylan, who moved to the city. That gave me a first line for the song. The rest was just storytelling.

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