Scott Warren – Shadow Bands

Scott Warren has made a fantastic new record. Ten pop songs, which all differ slightly in taste, make me want to play Shadow Bands repeatedly.

Scott explains how the record came about.

How did this record come together?

The record came together like most—a collection of songs that sound like they might make for a cohesive record. Most completed except for some lyrical holes.

I then got together with drummer Brian Young to get that going. His rhythm partner in The Jesus and Mary Chain, Mark Crozer, laid down the bass and then I got to work on the guitars.

I ended up keeping quite a bit of my scratch vocals as they seemed to fit the vibe I was going for: slightly raw and loose.  

I definitely doubled some things up later on, though, and added backgrounds. Called in a couple of favors for some string arrangements and a few other elements and mixed from there. There were times when I took breaks to get perspective, so it ended up a couple of years from record start to mix finish. Songs range from five years old to the last tune, “Mountainside,” being written right at the end.

When was the last time you thought, ‘I just wrote a hit!’?

Haha. Well, when I finished “Left Out On The Joke” from the new record, it sounded like a hit to me. LOL.  It seems to resonate the most with people that have heard the record, so that’s definitely “the single,” if you will.

You can pick three co-writers to write new songs with. Who? … and Why?

I’m going with Paul McCartney, Ray Davies and Keith Richards  Paul for melody, Ray for wit and Keith for the riff. I guess that leaves me with?? 

How great is the urge to stay creative?  To keep writing songs and lyrics?

It’s essential for me. Regardless of whether I end up recording and releasing a given tune, it’s just something that I’m driven to do.  There’s something fulfilling about creating something from nothing for me and getting the melody, progression, and structure dialed in. Making all the words fit and feel “right” for the song. It can be magical. 

Cassettes are back. Which 5 five songs would make your first mixtape?

Ok, let’s go with some influences for this record and one of mine.

1. T. Rex – 20th Century Boy

2. The Beatles – I Am The Walrus

3. Beck – Cold Brains

4. Brian Eno – Needles in the Camel’s Eye

5. Scott Warren – Left Out On The Joke

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