Andy Bopp – AB (Q&A)

When I’ve just heard a new incredible record, I usually try not to be tempted to say that I’ve just heard one of the best records of the year.

Well, Andy Bopp’s AB is one of the best records of 2021, a towering creative peak within his entire oeuvre, although Andy sees that slightly differently himself.

There are sixteen great songs on AB. Was there a moment when you were aware that you were at a creative peak?

I don’t feel that it’s a peak per se, it’s coming out of the covid, and it just happened. I felt it was strong, but sometimes you have to stop and look at the content and feel good about it.

A 6 track EP seems to be pretty much becoming the standard. You decided to make a double record. How did that come about?

It came about because I felt I didn’t release anything in 2020, and I wanted to return with a bang.

On the second record, so to speak, I sometimes seem to hear Love Nut influences, or am I only hearing what I want to hear?

You are correct. Blood 66, for instance, was slated for the second Love Nut record, but it was cut, and I always thought it was a good song.

If you finally decide to have sixteen songs on the record, have you thrown away a lot of song ideas too?

Not really, I have about four songs that I could have put on Disc 1, but they didn’t come together, so to speak.

Andy, how do we convince the rest of the world that AB is one of the best records of recent years?

Good question; promotion is complicated in a DIY setting; that being said, I’m doing what I can without a label, manager, or radio promotion. I’m a full-time musician, and I’d rather concentrate on content and quality, being that I don’t have any backing. Oddly enough, I had the support with Love Nut and Miracle Brah, and it was wonderful.

I’d just like to be able to tour in my car with my guitar.

Unless it’s over the pond- then I’d fly.

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