David Brookings – Mania at the Talent Show (Q&A)

Mania At the Talent Show, David Brookings’ new record, his 9th, will be released on November 12. Like so many other musicians this year, he seems to have raised the bar for himself again by emerging from the lockdown with twelve of his best songs.

It looks like you used a slightly different sound and broader palette on Mania at the Talent Show. I hear pure Power Pop and more subdued Singer-Songwriter songs brotherly after each other. Or has it always been there, and are my ears opening now?

I think it has always been there, but I agree the palette is broader here. Mania at the Talent Show is my 9th album, so I want to branch out and try new things, not make the same record every time. I’m trying to expand, and my co-producer and engineer Josh Scolaro and I were very conscious of that on this record. I like how you say the songs are paired ‘brotherly’

How did Mania at the Talent Show come about?

It is the first album I’ve ever recorded that was done remotely. I’m in LA, and I file shared back and forth with Josh (producer/engineer) in Virginia. We last worked together back in 2000 when my first record came out. We’ve stayed close all these years, and it was great working with him again. It was also easier than I thought it would be, and we brought in a few other music friends from past bands I’ve played in to fill out some of the drum and bass sections. But it is mostly Josh and I playing on all the tracks.

What a great title the record has been given. Can you tell me something about that?

I thought it was a cool title for the record. Then I wrote a song around that title, which is intended to be an over-the-top satirical look back at the first time I ever played live at the 6th grade talent show (I was 11) when I played the first song I ever wrote. But I assure you no dads were starting mosh pits and 7th-grade girls passing out, as the song suggests

Your lyrics are meaningful. How do you find inspiration for telling new stories?

Thanks for saying that. I use my life, and whatever is going on at the time, and mix that in with lines that I’ve either heard someone say, remember from a movie, think are funny, etc. Sometimes I don’t know how the songs come together. It’s a strange magic you’re trying to capture, writing songs 

How will Mania at the Talent Show be released, and from when can orders be made?

It’ll be everywhere on November 12, which is also my birthday. All of the streaming sites will have it, but I do recommend Apple Music. And I’m also selling physical CDs at www.davidbrookings.net. You can pre-order now, and please do 🙂 

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