Lannie Flowers – Flavor Of The Month

FLAVOR OF THE MONTH is both a completely new collection and the long-awaited physical media debut for the songs that made up Lannie Flowers’ celebrated and groundbreaking March To Home Singles Series in 2019 all newly remixed by Lannie himself.

Sweet Sweet Music spoke with the King of Southern Spiced Quality Pop about surfing a creative wave, Tommy Keene, The Kinks Kronikles, and how FLAVOR OF THE MONTH came to be.

The intro (and outro) to Don’t Make Me Wait is so beautiful and delicate. How did it come about?

I was going in to remix these songs and wanted to do something a little different if there was, in fact, anything I could do without messing them up too much. So, I found some parts in the song that I could use. Then I just manipulated them around in Pro Tools until I got something I liked.

The new record is a compilation of singles that you released a while ago. The end result sounds like a whole. Luck or hard work?

Probably a little bit of both. Although, there was some hard work going on while I was doing them. I was working these songs with some musicians in Nashville, while working on the songs for “Home” with the guys I play with here in town. So it was a busy time.

Then when COVID hit, I spent a lot of time remixing and adding things to these songs.

All the songs are so good. Did you feel like you were surfing a creative wave when you wrote them?

Looking back on it, I guess I kinda was. I don’t think too much about what I’ve done. More on what I’m in the middle of at that moment. But those things do come in spurts for me.

Tommy Keene never seemed to miss a beat and wrote so many solid, beautiful, powerful songs where the guitar sound was recognizable. It’s meant as a compliment, or do you think it’s strange if I compare the quality of your music to his?

No, not at all. I am totally honored and flattered. I love those records—especially the early ones.

What place do you occupy in the music industry?  

Any place they’ll let me! Ha! I really haven’t given that much thought. I write, perform, record, produce. So, a little bit of everything. Not very good on the promotional part of it, though.

As a listener, it is wonderful when you listen to an artist who seems to have something to prove. What more would you like to prove, or are there other forces that trigger your creativity?

I don’t know if I’m really out to prove anything. I try not to force anything. Creativity just comes to me at different times and in different ways. When I was younger, about every other time, I listened to The Kinks Kronikles. I would write a song. Or if I had a good or bad relationship, that would give me ideas for songs. As I get older, I just try to pick up on things going on around me that might trigger an idea for a song.

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