Marc Jonson answers a few questions about TURNING ON THE CENTURY, a record he and Ramirez Exposures made.

How did Turning on The Century Vol 1 come about?

Victor Ramirez heard of me via Spanish radio. He took a liking to a song of mine called SUDDENLY SUNSHINE which he then recorded himself with Ken Stringfellow from the Posies … this led to me producing an album for Ramirez Exposure called YOUNG IS THE NEW OLD. Since then, we have toured Spain together twice, the second time Richard Lloyd was with us. It seemed like a good idea to make an album together and contribute to each other’s songs, adding harmonies and whatnot … it’s inspiring to work with another talent in this way.

Victor and you make beautiful songs. At what moments does the collaboration blossom for you?

Once we have found a mix we both like and we call it finished, we move on to the next song … one at a time … a musical narrative begins to appear between both our efforts…

When you’ve written so many beautiful songs, how and when do you know you’ve got one good enough to record or release?

That’s the secret, all right … when we hear each other’s latest new song it provides a necessary inspiration … you want the entire album to be as good as it can be and it keeps us on our toes to be sharp …

Success is a strange concept. When would Turning on the Century be a success for you?

It’s a success when we have decided it’s complicated… that’s one hump … then if reviewers and the fans respond favorably and can see your vision that’s another hump … if the album get’s talked about in music circles as being a good record, then I for one feel grateful.

Those magic moments in the studio. Which moment of this production will stay with you the most?

When you get the right vibe for each song … it’s trying lots of ideas and then slowly one by one eliminating them to make room for the song to breath … the strongest hooks stay and the clutter is eliminated …

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