‘colouring outside’ and being the epitome of underground.

‘I think our songs are distinct from many other songs because we imagined all of the songs from these releases as coming from a fictitious 80s jangle pop band in a French Colony off the coast of Newfoundland who never released a record and broke up under suspicious circumstances. That is a mouthful, but it is true that these songs are to be viewed through this lens. Another thing that sets us apart is Charles Austin, who writes the music, and is an elite-level fuzz connoisseur. Also, unlike most bands, we purposefully obfuscate our songs and degrade their fidelity. We hoped the songs would sound like an old water-damaged cassette found in a moldy basement.’, says Josh Salter. He is talking about his band Colouring Outside, who released many great songs in the last couple of years.

What place do you occupy in the music industry?

I would like to say the very bottom wrung of the ladder, but the truth is probably the ground on which the ladder rests. Maybe even the soil beneath. We are the epitome of underground.

The meaning of success has changed over the years. What would success look like for the new record?

Success for our records is mostly dependent on us enjoying making the music. Literally, anyone hearing said music is a plus. We’ve never played a show (except in our elaborate fictitious backstory).

Cassettes are back. Which 5 five songs would make your first mixtape?

The Pooh Sticks – On Tape

Elyse Weinberg – Houses

The Boy Hairdressers – Golden Showers

Shira Small – Eternal Life

The Replacements – Run For the Country

Who would you ask if you could pick three singers to sing harmony vocals on your next record?

David Crosby, Graham Nash, and Stephen Stills circa 1968 or Alvin, Theodore, and Simon circa 1980.

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