Fox Paloma – Retrospectacular

Fox Paloma, from Denmark, makes catchy and delicious Psych Pop inspired by the sound, smell, and color of the 60s. Rasmus Holst introduces the band.

How did this record come together?

Our EP really started to come together when we went to Starrsound Recording Studio to record the songs. We had made a few demos and picked 4-5 songs to record. But it was unfinished arrangements and some songs missed lyrics altogether. But it was intentional. We have a fantastic partnership with our producer Søren Christensen, and together we worked on the songs. And Starrsound Recording Studio is a heaven for retro lovers. It’s owned by the band The Courettes, and the gear, equipment, and interior are all old stuff from the 60’s and 70’s. Even the lounge/living room/bedroom is a vibe: It’s all red. Red carpets, red painted walls, red TV, red chairs, red cups, red fork, red radio and so on. And everything is retro stuff. We wanted to use that vibe and time bubble as inspiration for our songs.

How great is the urge to stay creative?  To keep writing songs and lyrics?

Our urge to stay creative grows every time we finish songs and/or release new songs. We are always inspired to grow as a band, make better songs, and better records. 

You can pick 3 co-writers to write new songs with. Who? … and Why?

Brian Wilson would surely be one of them, because he writes beautiful harmonies and chord arrangements. Kevin Parker because of his expertise in making vintage sound modern. And then JVKE. He is very playful and skillful in mixing genres such as pop, hip hop, and classical music and just make it work perfectly – in a way he just as forward thinking as Brian Wilson back in the day.

What’s the gig you will always remember? And why?

We’ll always remember our gig at Spot Festival in Aarhus, Denmark in May 2022. It’s a festival for upcoming artist (some more upcoming than other), and we felt like we arrived on a wild card. Nobody really knew anything about us. So our expectations weren’t that great.

We decided to release “Bubble” as a single that day. And to our surprise a few hundreds came to our show, we handed out soap bubbles toys to the audience – it was a blast! People were dancing and blowing bubbles everywhere!

 Playing music in front of a crowd. What’s all the fun about?

We write music for people not for ourselves. It’s wonderful to work on songs in the studio and it’s great to release them to the world. But nothing beats playing our music in front of a crowd and get the immediate reaction. To see them dance and hear them sing along to our songs. Feel the vibe and energy. When we really connect with the crowd, and the crowd connects with us – that’s when it all makes sense. 

What compliment you once received will you never forget?

One of our missions with Fox Paloma is to bring back the 60’s vibe. We absolutely love 60’s music and in the beginning of the “project” we almost exclusively draw our inspiration from back then. After our very first gig on our very first tour in 2022 a young bloke came up to us and said: “I felt like I was at a Beatles concert”. To be honest, at first we didn’t take it as a compliment – that’s one hell of a box to be put in. But then we thought about. Maybe his frame of reference of music from the 60’s is the Beatles. Thinking in that way he didn’t mean that we sounded like the Beatles. Instead, we embodied his imagined nostalgia of the 60’s. That’s when we thought we were on to something. We nailed the sound and the vibe! Or maybe he just thought we sounded like the Beatles…..

Those magical moments when you’re working in the studio.  Which moment was the most magical?

We love being in the studio – it’s such an immersive experience. We’ve recorded at Starrsound Recording Studio a couple of times now and we’ve had many magical moments there. For this record it was especially magical when the sample in the intro to our song “Bubble” was added. It felt like it all was coming together.

If you could pick three singers to sing harmony vocals on your next record, who would you ask?

Our dear friend Jonas Ringtved, Brian Wilson and Robin Pecknold!

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