Bobby Edge – Algorithm & Blues (Q&A)

If you want everything, you can get everything. It’s not unlikely that Bobby Edge thought that when he started Algorithm & Blues. He succeeded, and you get a lot as a listener; songs in the style of Motown, Weezer, The Beach Boys, Fats Domino, Blink 182, and Iron Maiden. Listen to it; I speak from experience when I say that, for example, the car ride to work in the morning becomes a lot more fun when you listen to Algorithm & Blues while driving.

Q: The meaning of success has changed over the years. What would success look like for the new record?

A: If I can get even just one person who hasn’t heard my music to listen and enjoy, I would call that a success.

Q: How great is the urge to stay creative?  To keep writing songs and lyrics?

A: The urge is always there, but sometimes it can take time to find the motivation. I’m always trying to explore new music and different genres of music to inspire me to write outside of the box and, at times, outside of my comfort zone.

Q: As an artist, you choose to show your emotions to the world. Is it always comfortable to do so?

A: It’s always been pretty uncomfortable to me haha. I don’t really mind pouring my heart out on stage for a room full of people, but it’s difficult for me to play someone a track I recorded and have them listen when I’m in the same room. I’m really shy about my music in person. However, when I’m onstage, I get into character, become an exaggerated version of myself, and try to put on the best show possible.

Q:You can pick 3 co-writers to write new songs with. Who? … and Why?

A: Brian Wilson, Elvis Costello and Joey Ramone. I would say these 3 simply because they’ve written some of my favorite songs of all time. Brian Wilson for his complex understanding and use of vocal harmony. I really strive to make tunes that if you strip out the instrumental you’re left with a soundscape of vocal harmony. Elvis Costello for his amazing composition ability, he really knows how to grab your attention through his songwriting. Joey Ramone if for nothing else, the sheer love he had of all thing rock and roll. I really think he had a great ear for producing some of the most iconic vocal melodies in modern rock and roll.

Q: What’s the gig you will always remember? And why?

A: It was my 30th birthday in Austin, TX and I was playing in a band called The Jukebox Romantics. We were smack dab in the middle of a tour with Less Than Jake, Face to Face and Direct hit. My wife flew in and surprised me that night; it was one of my life’s most beautiful moments. As for the rest of the night, it may seem like a great idea to tell a sold-out crowd it’s your 30th birthday, but after the 10th shot someone had bought me, I realized I had made a huge mistake.

Q: Lyrics are too often taken for granted.  What is the line of text or are the lines of text that you hope listeners will remember?  And why?

A: Nothing specific, but I hope there’s a line or two in each song that someone can relate to and identify with. I really just enjoy making that connection with people.

Q: Cassettes are back. Which 5 five songs would make your first mixtape?

A: The Ronnettes- Be My Baby
Skeeter Davis – The End of the World
The Jive Bombers – Bad Boy
Ramones – Oh Oh I Love Her So
The Beach Boys – Cabin Essence

Q: Playing music in front of a crowd. What’s all the fun about?

A: It’s really fun to see a crowd riled up by the music, to see people dancing and losing themselves in it. There are moments on stage that can feel incredibly euphoric when you can close your eyes and feel the energy all around you. I also just like to tell dumb jokes and make people smile haha.

Q: You can’t control the way people ‘hear’ your music. But if you could make them aware of certain aspects, you think, set your songs apart. What would they be?

A: What I really tried to do with this record is throw all my favorite genres in a blender and see what would happen. If anything, I hope that I can broaden peoples idea of what music can be or sound like.

Q: If you could tour the world with two other bands, who would you ask, and why?

A: The Sewer Rats and Tripsun. I love all the people in those bands and think they make the best company.

Q: Those magical moments when you’re working in the studio.  Which moment was the most magical?

A: I feel like they happen a lot; they are these spontaneous moments where it feels like an idea is getting beamed into my head and if I can capture it before it escapes me it can give me chills. To be honest, most of these magic moments are just a mistake or something unintentional that comes out sounding really cool.

Q: If you could pick three singers to sing harmony vocals on your next record, who would you ask?

A: Brian Wilson, John Lennon and Freddie Mercury.

Q: The record is done, the music is out.  Is the best fun done now or is it just beginning?

A: The fun is certainly just beginning. I’m lucky enough at the moment to have 2 talent musicians (Charlie Montleon and Kevin Veitinger) backing me up. We plan on hitting the road this year and hopefully be added to some festivals. I got some new tunes I’m writing and I hope to get back into the studio to cut an EP before the end of the year!

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