Dolour – Everything I Need

“Everything I Need” is writer/producer Shane Tutmarc’s new Dolour EP.”. Bursting with irresistible earworms that’ll have you humming along for days, this little gem is a certified banger. And with a full album on the horizon, you’ll be grooving to Tutmarc’s tunes well into the summer – and beyond!

++ It’s with great pride that Sweet Sweet Music presents the world premiere of the music video for “Everything I Need”! ++

What an incredibly strong collection of new songs you have created. You probably figured that out when you were making Everything I Need, or isn’t that how it works?

Thanks Patrick! Actually this is the halfway point leading to my next album. After writing, recording and releasing three albums between 2020 and 2021 (The Royal We, Televangelist, Origin Story), or four albums, actually, if you include the 2020 Kool Kat Musik compilation (Written & Produced by Shane Tutmarc) which I did a couple new songs for as well – I knew I was gonna need to take a break. But it’s hard to slow that engine down, so within a month of finishing Origin Story in Fall 2021, I pretty much had another batch of songs written. But I was determined to try and slow the pace down a bit. So what happened was those songs I had written by Fall 2021 have slowly been replaced by newer songs I’d write over the last year and a half.

In Spring of 2022, I had a movie placement opportunity come my way which forced me to finish up a song for submission. That song became The Comeback Kid which kicked off the series of singles I’ve been releasing every few months. So now here we are a year later and I just released Everything I Need, the 5th single for this next album. My plan at this point is to finish up the 5 remaining tracks, and get it up for pre-order in August, with a Fall release. I think the album’s gonna be called The Almighty Dolour.

Moves Like Miyagi already sounds like a synth pop classic to me. How did that song come about?

It had a really unique writing process. It reminded me of when I was a little kid just making up silly songs to make my brother and sister laugh. My wife has gotten really into gardening the last couple years, and she had a bunch of mulch out on our patio where I liked to sit and drink coffee in the morning. But the mulch kept attracting all these flies.

So eventually I started going out there with a fly swatter. And as I was swatting flies I guess I thought about Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid catching flies with chopsticks. And the song just started coming to me one line after another. Once I had a verse and a chorus I started thinking it was kind of a cool song, and maybe it could be more than just a song I’d sing to myself while swatting flies.

So I tried to think about what Mr. Miyagi represented. Disciple, inner strength, wisdom etc. Qualities that I admire in people, and that I aspire to myself. So I thought, maybe it could be a song about that. And about how many obstacles we all go through just to survive.

How complicated is it these days to get your music heard? Or was it not necessarily your intention to make this EP for the widest possible audience?

It can feel very complicated. Especially since I’m a one-man operation. Once you’re done writing and playing and recording and mixing and you’re kind of exhausted, then you have to figure out the release plan, and videos and playlist pitching and everything else. I’m very grateful for folks like you who help get the music in front of folks who might like it.

Sometimes I wish I had more people helping with the release side of things, but ultimately I really enjoy being as autonomous as I can be. Which is kind of what the song Everything I Need is all about.

Is the best song you ever wrote on Everything I Need?

Maybe! I know a lot of songwriters think of their songs as their children, and I’m no different. They’ve all shown up for me when I needed them. I don’t really pick favorites. But I will say, from a writing and arrangement perspective I’m especially proud of Have I Finally Gone Insane.

The writing and recording was a long process for that one, but I’m really satisfied with how all the sounds work together. In my mind the song is about the strange joy of falling in love with a song while you’re writing it. But I tried to keep the lyrics open enough for listeners to put their own story into it.

What is the best compliment you’ve received on Everything I Need so far?

Well, I just released it yesterday, so I haven’t heard too much yet. But there’s been a lot of good energy around this one. And a few folks have called it a “banger” so that’s nice.

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