WYATT BLAIR – Dancing on a Dream (interview)

“My dad was a musician in the 80s and he handed down a bunch of stuff to me, so this was my attempt to use all of it!”

Sweet Sweet Music talked to Wyatt Blair about his new release Dancing on a Dream.


How did you manage to squeeze so much musical ideas into 12 songs without being messy?
I don’t know! haha I love recording and writing so I guess it was a challenge for myself?
Billy Idol, REO, The Outfield, Echo & the Bunnymen, Sigue Sigue Sputnik …. It’s all there or am I just a sucker for 80s music who hears things that aren’t there?
I love all those bands! I don’t know, from my perspective I just had written a handful of songs and used 80s gear to record them with. My dad was a musician in the 80s and he handed down a bunch of stuff to me, so this was my attempt to use all of it! He actually played drums on “Cruel World” on the record as well.
You must have had fun creating that huge drum sound? 
Was definitely fun! Recording is one of my favorite things to do, so it was fun tweaking it all and goofing off on trying to get a weird drum sound.
If we want to know you, which song do we have to listen to? And why?
Hm, I don’t know. I think the whole record is a big piece of who I am. This record “Point Of No Return” specifically is my attempt to channel my alter ego (hence the song that ends the album).
The music industry has changed a lot (or so they say). What did it bring you? And what not?
Well I am so lucky to have a supportive indie label Burger Records supporting my music. Along with Lolipop Records it’s a dream. I like the fact that anyone from anywhere can release and record their own music. Where as back in the day, you had to really prove your worth to get signed to be able to get into a recording studio. I guess there’s pros & cons to both, but in this current state the music industry is at now, I am just lucky to have so much support from independent labels who believe in me.
She tells you she will decide on a 5-song-mix tape if there is going to be a second date. Which 5 would you put on?
Roxy Music “More Than This”, Jackson Browne “Tender Is The Night”, Dwight Twilley “Standin’ In The Shadow Of Love”, Chris Bell “Speed Of Sound”, The Outfield “Your Love”
What’s up for the next couple of months?
I’ll be touring a little bit with this album during the summer, and then come October I will be starting my next album “Inspirational Strawberries”
Watch the video here

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