SIMON LOVE – Sincerely, S. Love x (Q&A)

‘Imagine hearing something like “Motherfuckers” or “I Fucking Love You” in “Toy Story 4”?’, says Simon Love.

But who knows?! As far as I am concerned, these songs are ‘only a couple of steps away’ from a Randy Newman composition (or a Van Dyke Parks production).

A couple of odd steps though. What a walk this could be!


simon love


“Sincerely, S. Love x” (the kiss is meant to be pronounced) is Simon’s sophomore solo album and it features at least ten hits. Proper pop hits, with ELO harmonies, Spectoresque production, strings and trumpets, the whole shebang. All recorded over the last two years in London, England. Big city pop!


And read John Borack’s review for Goldmine here.


What was the biggest fun during the making of the last album?


Apart from one awful day in a very expensive recording studio everything else was a dream. It’s the first record since the last Loves LP where it’s been (mostly) recorded as a “band” record with people playing live and contributing ideas and things in the studio. One big thrill was hearing A Little Orchestra adding their bits to the songs after the backing was done. Violins and things always make my nasty little numbers sound very sweet.



Do you feel part of a community, the power pop community?


I’ve never felt a part of a community within music. From when I was living in Cardiff and playing with The Loves to now in London. It’s not like I’m doing that much different from other bands but I’m not allowed in their gangs. Maybe I’m a really awful person? Or I smell bad? Or I’m just not very good?


Which is the song you wish you had written every time you hear it? And why?

“Strawberry Fields Forever” by the Beatles. Every time I hear it I’m instantly transported back to being a 7-year-old watching the single spinning around on my new record player and being terrified by the sounds coming out of the speakers. Then, just as it fades out it comes back sounding weirder! It still blows my mind.


If the budget was unlimited, how would you record the next record?

I’d really love to go away for a week (or two) somewhere in the middle of nowhere and record the whole thing in one go. I’ve never done that and I think it’d make for a different sounding record. With an unlimited budget, I’d go to La Frette near Paris or Chateau d’Herouville where Elton John recorded “Honky Chateau”. Or Abbey Road of course.

What would change if Disney would call and tell you they are going to use your song in their next movie?


Imagine hearing something like “Motherfuckers” or “I Fucking Love You” in “Toy Story 4”? Har! I could do with the money from something like that so if you know anyone at Pixar please put them in touch.

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